Core Values


My business was founded upon the principle of integrity and this guides my every action.  I adhere to moral and ethical principles and practices.


I am committed to ensuring that all clients are respected regardless of spiritiual beliefs, ethnics and religious groups.

Privacy &Confidentiality

My commitement is to always maintain the highest standard of privacy and confidentiality.  I will not share any personal information as well as any other information concerning clients without the express written consent of the client.


I keep my promises and I am committed to doing things the right way.  I am honest about the services that I provide, what you should expect during a session and what my qualifications are.


The services I offer should impart wisdom, awareness, direction and self improvement.  I provide practical techniques and solutions that will help guide my clients back to their own divinity.  It is incredibly important to me that clients learn to rely on their own connection with spirit and their own intuition so they can live the most authentic and emotionally fulfilling life possible!

Reiki Sessions

I abide by the ICRT (International Center for Reiki Trainings) code of ethics.

Confidentiality, Transparency, Integrity, Support, Respect, Honor, Educate, Refer, Non-Interference, Honesty, Freedom, Professional Conduct, Development and Gratitude.

In Love and Gratitude,


Darlene Gonzales

Intuitive Medium

Spiritual Healer

Oracle Card Reader

Reiki Master Teacher

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